Celebrities on Twitter: Groupie Love

There are groupies everywhere you go. Even on Twitter.

(The infamous 'FAIL WHALE'
from Twitter when too many members
are tweeting at once, including celebrities.
I am a huge fan of Pop Culture. I like the latest trends, like to know who's hot at the moment, keep up with all the celebrity news, and even fall victim to those addictive tabloids. Hey, don't judge! I know you have done at least one of the things I mentioned. Please hold your head in shame with me.

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, I am sure you have heard about Twitter. Oprah recently joined, so I am sure you will hear even more about it for days to come. Just the other day, Ashton Kutcher streamed live video as he took on CNN to become the first member of Twitter to reach 1 million followers. There is not enough room in this post to explain to you all the ins and outs of Twitter, but just know that followers means exactly what is says. Trust me. There is no real rocket science about it. Just think AOL Instant Messenger on steroids. Simply answer the question, "What are you doing?" I rarely answer that!

Most regular and boring people like me and you are delighted to hit the hundred count for followers on Twitter. Celebrities can sign-on for one day and amass thousands of followers in a short period of time. It's almost a popularity contest in some weird tweet-me-RT-unfollow-follow-reply way. That sentence made no sense at all, but I could not resist using a bit of Twitter jargon to convey my message. If you don't tweet, you are undoubtedly confused at this moment. My bad!

So, exactly what is this post all about?

I wanted to talk about the whole "celebrities don't tweet back" issue. Although I do not have full-out conversations with the more elite members of Twitter, I have received a few responses from them.

My very first response was from Solange Knowles (@solangeknowles). I noticed her love for her son Juelz and I sent her a tweet telling her how I thought she was most positive when speaking (or typing in this case) his name. She responded back in a DM (direct message) saying "Thank You" and how she appreciated it. Never once did I think she would reply, but it was a nice gesture.

Then, I tweeted former MTV VJ LaLa Vazquez (@lalavazquez). She was hanging out with a former member from the cast of The Hills and I asked her what he was up to at the moment. She quickly responded with "movies".

I thanked Kathy lreland (@KathyIreland) for following a group I was a member of. She wrote back. I also tweeted Brian (he has since deleted his page from Twitter to save his relationship, lol) of Day 26 to asks him if they were in DC and were they going to be at a local club later on that night. He responded with a simple, "Yeah".

My ultimate favorite celebrity tweeter is Chris Mann (@IamChrisMann). Not only will he tweet you back, he is also awesome enough to suggest your name for Follow Friday on Twitter. He received brownie points for this tweet:

He said I had a cool name. Must have really meant it because he later featured me in his "Heartless" video. You have to check it out.

I would definitely say follow celebrities. You never know when they are listening. They may even retweet your message and expose it to tons of people. There is really no harm in trying.

If you are currently on Twitter, and looking for some celebrities to follow, go here to find out who to follow.

Heck, if you know a celebrity, or someone really cool to follow, leave their Twitter link in Mr. Linky below.

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