Underage Voting

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November 4, 2008 was historical. Not because we elected an African-American President into the White House, but we managed to awaken the spirits of so many young people. Even those who could not vote in this election held opinions and beliefs so defined, no one could sway them. Whether you supported McCain or Obama, there was no denying the strength in numbers that the 2008 election brought forth.
Kaden and I on our way to vote in the 2008 election

Kaden, my only lovely son, was greatly fascinated by the election. Everyday, he raced home with a report on what was discussed in class about the upcoming election. He understood there were two people involved with contrasting ideas, but similar objectives...to make the United States a great place to live. His school even participated in a 'mock' election. The results, you asks. Obama won of course!

Throughout the election, I joked with Kaden about how similar his looks were to that of now President Obama's (I was simply implying they were both handsome). I pictured him looking this way as a forty-something male. He often smiled and shied away from the conversation, but I could tell he was proud to be compared to such a great figure in politics. I was overcome with emotion at the notion that I was able to make a comparison, for once, to my son and a potential president. It didn't hurt that he had a beautiful wife, and two adorable girls either (Sasha is just the right age for Kaden...wink).

I documented our day with a video. I remember it was raining and there were reports that the elections lines were growing into hour wait-times. I went after noon. I was fortunate in that my polling place had accommodated most of its voters in the morning hours. I had prepared myself to wait in a long line, umbrella in hand, folding-chair in tow, and my seven year-old son there to witness it all. Take a look at our day:

It was one of the greatest times I have shared with Kaden. He was just as thrilled to vote with me as he was to play his Nintendo DS (picture that). I will never forget this moment. I am sure he won't either.

It doesn't matter who you voted for. As President Obama stated in one of his many great speeches, "...we are not as divided as our politics suggest." This holds true in the world of parenting. We are all shooting for a common goal. Let's reach it together.

THE CASE: Judging someone because of their political beliefs

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