Swing into Spring

I am an only child. Hold the Kleenex, there are no tears to wipe away. Fortunately, I am part of a huge family. I have first cousins ranging from teenagers to near 40s. There is no shortage of options here. On any given day, I can pick exactly who I want to be my brother or sister. It all depends on my mood (Now can't you tell why I am an only-child. AT-TI-TUDE).

The one memory I take from my childhood is the endless possibilities for play time. With such a large family and limited resources growing-up, my cousins and I always found creative ways to entertain. We played jump rope, kick ball, tag, flew kites, painted, put on plays, climbed trees, played house, picked flowers, wrote poetry, made pacts, told secrets, rode bikes, dodged balls, and were the originators of the first American Idol, if you will . Yes my friends, we did it all. But the one thing I am sure everyone can relate to is the good ole' swing set in the backyard. You know, the one that squeaked when you rocked back and forth on it. The one that was slightly pulling away from the surface of the earth and nearly caused panic in your parents. The one that started rusting after battling the elements of April's showers and the humidity of a July day. Yes, that swing set. The keeper of many heartfelt conversations, childish banter, and endless laughter.

How great would it be if a wonderful site like Dad Blogs offered a giveaway for a swing set from Kid's Creations?

Well, dreams do come true in the blogosphere because Dad Blogs is giving away a swing set from Kid's Creations. This could not be more perfect timing for the spring. There's nothing better than swinging swiftly in the air and catching a taste of fresh air on your tongue (or a drop of bird poop, but who's counting). Besides, Kaden is tired of the 'medieval' set-up we have in the backyard now.

I would love to win a swing set from Kid's Creations. Nothing beats an innocent, spring day outside with my son. No distractions from the computer (maybe an occasional tweet) and no Disney songs blaring from his television. Us + Swing = Fun in the Sun.

Three Ring Adventure

I'm sure you want to know how you can snag a swing set from Dad Blogs and Kid's Creations, don't ya? I forgot to mention there is a Canon PowerShot SD1100 Digital Elph, camera case, and 4GB memory card up for grabs as well. If your overwhelmed by these great prizes, then here is what you need to do to release your excitement:
  • Just visit Dad Blogs by clicking here.
  • Be sure you check the Kid's Creations to see what their all about.
  • Start thinking about your blog post which is MANDATORY in order to enter.
  • Check the site for more details.
  • Contest ends on April 21 @ 11:59 PM EST.
I can't wait to see how the contest unfolds. I hope it ends with me Ian putting together an amazing swing set from Kid's Creations while capturing all the memories on a new Canon digital camera.

Crossing my fingers!!

THE CASE: Giving props to Dad Blogs for a great giveaway. Woo Hoo!

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  1. What an awesome giveaway! Too bad our backyard is to small for such an amazing adventure set that I, I mean my daughter, can play with.

    How cool, hope you win!

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