Sassy Mama Status...Confirmed!

I'd like to think I am a sassy mama on my own. But, this notion was easily confirmed when I was accepted into the great social world over at As stated on the website:
A sassy new hangout where netwomen can blog,create,laugh,cry,sell,chat,fave, meet old BFF's & new,+shop til they drop.Get sassy today,mama!
I initially heard about this wonderful site from Collen over at her blog. I signed-up, waited for confirmation, and PRESTO, I was a Sassy-Mama.

Once there, I quickly made friends with women of all backgrounds. After all, being sassy is international...there's room for everyone. It is great to share ideas, beliefs, shopping tips, parenting tid-bits, and all other kinds of information with these wonderful group of women. I would suggest you join as well.

I am inviting you all to join this group. Head on over to Sassy-Mamas now. Here is where you can start:

I want to be a Sassy-Mama

I am also on of the 'Sassy 16'. It's where 16 or so members are featured. Applications are closed for this, but may have a chance to sign-up to be a Sassy 7 member.

We are all in the process of hosting some great giveaways, particularly for children and Moms. I know we can all use a great giveaway.

So, what are you waiting for?! Go Sass it up...and tell em' Keonte' sent ya.

THE CASE: Mother confirms she is one, Sassy-Mama

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