Reflecting: Hospital Woes

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It seemed like yesterday I was lying in my hospital bed, fighting back tears, and fighting off hunger pains after the delivery of Kaden. He was born prematurely at 36 weeks. My doctor insisted he accommodate my needs by delaying my labor for a few days. (For more on Dr. Andrew Goldstein, who delivered Kaden, go here.) However, Kaden had other plans. He was ready to enter the world.

On December 24, 2001, I gave birth to what I think was the most precious 5 lb. baby in the world. He had a head-full of black hair, legs as long as a models, and eyes bright enough to light a room. And I mean that literally! Kaden had a severe case of jaundice when he was born. In short, jaundice is yellowing of the eyes. Visit here for for information.

Kaden was confined to an incubator. Ian and I were only allowed to hold our newborn son for feedings. It was rather heart-wrenching. I mean, it was hard enough being stuck in a hospital during the Christmas holiday, yet alone having to watch your precious baby 'soak up the sun' all day. Check out Kaden looking like a beach babe:

I look at this picture now and giggle. But, it was no laughing matter at the time. Overall, Kaden, Ian, and I spent 3 weeks in and out of the hospital until he was fully recovered. I'll never forget the moment the nurses came into the room and said we could finally go home. It was the best news I heard that day.

I love reflecting on the moments that test your strength. It makes you realize just how capable you are in times of discouragement. I complained a lot when I was in the hospital, but looking back, I wouldn't change a thing.

Ian and I are blessed to have a son who has developed profoundly into a handsome, creative, clever, and intelligent human being. We cannot wait to see his contributions to the world.

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