There's still time to enter the Cute Kidz Contest over at the SassyMamas website.

If you visit SassyMamas now, you will find the CUTE KIDZ CONTEST. In order to enter the contest, you must first become a member:
Once you are approved, and up and running on the site, you will have the chance to enter the CUTE KIDZ CONTEST. Take a look at some of the great prizes here.

Here are the most recent finalists:
March 17 - Leeland

March 18 - Preston, 6 1/2 months

March 18- Charlie, 3

March 19 - Hayley, 2

March 20 - Priscilla, 6 months

March 21 - Brodie, 2

As stated in a previous post, pictures have been modified in height and width which may distort some of the images. Visit the site to view the original picture.

Entries are being accepted until March 26. So, what are you waiting for? Enter your kid now!

THE CASE: Assuming all kids look are the same

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