If you FOLLOW ME (if not, go to the sidebar and click FOLLOW), you've probably seen a post or two about a group called SassyMamas for which I am a member (Sassy 16 to be exact). What makes the women so stylish and smart over at the site is their ability to share ideas, provide endless inspiration, and support one another through any situation. However, there is a reason the word 'Sassy' is joined by the word 'Mamas'...most of us are doting parents.

If you visit SassyMamas now, you will find there is a contest taking place called the CUTE KIDZ CONTEST. In order to enter the contest, you must first become a member:
Once you are approved, and up and running on the site, you will have the chance to enter the CUTE KIDZ CONTEST. Take a look at some of the great prizes.
If you are not a sassymamas member, please SIGN-UP first to enter.

NEW AGE GROUPS 0-24months AND 25months-4years

• Grand prize: $500 prize package
• First runner-up: $250 prize package
• Second runner-up: $150 prize package
CUTEST KID VOTED BY PUBLIC: $100 prize package


One of my items:
Special thanks to Eenamaria for donating this wonderful prize.

One of my items:
Special thanks to SitterCity for donating this wonderful prize.

One of my items:
Special thanks to Scrapless Press for donating this wonderful prize.

Can you say A-MA-ZING! If my son was old enough, I would definitely enter. The prizes are unbelievably grand on every level. Visit these wonderful sites to see what other products peak your interest.

Now, back to the CUTE KIDZ CONTEST. There is a daily winner picked from March 6 to March 26 (subject to change, visit site for more details). I have the Finalists listed below (pictures have been modified in height and width which may distort some of the images. visit the site to view the original picture):

March 6 - MJ, 13 weeks

March 7 - Melody

March 8 - Liam, 1

March 9 - Elijah

March 10 - Nicholas, 3

March 11- Jae'Sun, 2

March 12 - K, 3

March 13 - Liam

March 14 - Mason, 6 months

How CUTE are these KIDZ?! How fantastic are these PRIZES?! How bad do you need to join SassyMamas?! Only you can determine the answer to all of these questions, but the one thing I can tell you is to hurry on over to the site to join. Time is running out. Now, all I have to do is convince Mariah's Mommy to join, so I can show share with my non-blogging friends just how cute she is!

THE CASE: Assuming all kids look are the same

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