'ACTIVE' Parenting

Come on, I'm only 28. I should lots of energy...NOT! I'm pooped in my 'old age'. I say this because my body is so many years ahead of my actual age it's terrifying. I never imagined I would hear cracks, and squeaks, and breaks, and pops just by my standing-up to walk. The sounds coming from my body are enough to create a 10-piece orchestra (Not sure which instruments are included, but I prefer the clarinet since I played one all through middle school. Take that!)

Just yesterday, Kaden and I attended a relative's birthday party at a skating rink. Might I add that birthday parties in this family, especially the month of March, are like a second career. There is almost always a birthday party penciled on the calendar. Sometimes I wish my son would boycott them and say he didn't want to go (Wait, he does this already), but I think it's rude and he wouldn't want the favor returned for his birthday celebration. Anyway, here are old pictures (2 years ago or so) of me at the skating rink:

Check out the socks, would ya?!

Somewhere on my computer I have footage of Kaden nearly wiping-out an entire group of skaters as he plummets to the floor without an ounce of grace. He motto when skating is, "If I fall, you're coming with me!" I have fell victim to Kaden's motto plenty of times. Have the scars to prove it.

I did not fall once while skating yesterday (I'd knock on wood, but my desk is made of a synthetic material, for it was purchased at Wal-Mart with much haste). It may have something to do with Kaden's sudden independence on his skates. He befriended the wall for a few laps, and off he went. He passed me a couple of times and gave me the 'PEACE' sign. Too cool for me!
Here is a picture from a family outing to the skating rink:

L to R Top: Me and Tamara Bottom: Kaden and Saniyah

My BFF/MOH, Rasha, joined me on the floor. She even treated herself to a pair of brand-new skates for her birthday (March 12, go pisces!). We skated the entire time, and predicted much regret for the days to come. SHHHHHHHHH, we even made song request for Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, and Britney Spears. I mean people, don't act like you don't sing these songs when the kids aren't around. There's something about that Disney channel that screams INSTANT STARDOM. Where do I sign Kaden up for this?!

I use to be a dancer in high school. However, I graduated 10 years ago, so that's all out the door. :-(

I mean, I am not an 'Active' parent in the sense that I do not partake in a lot of physical activity (Smack my hand, send me to my room, call my parents. I'm a bad Mommy). I have plans to change this by seeking out a gym that is in close proximity, and includes members that look like they actually need a workout. I can't stand a gym filled with people who are already buff, wear a size 2, and have on a full-face of make-up. As if my confidence wasn't already low when walking through the front door, now I would have to face this. Oh No! Not having it.

I am happy to report I am sitting comfortably at the computer with no pain. I think I am on the track to recovery. Watch out people, the semi-old me is back. Holla!

THE CASE: Becoming an ACTIVE parent by taking on physical activities

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