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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

30 Days About Me. Day 2- Favorite Movie

30 Days About Me

My friend Toni came up with a wonderful idea to create a "30 Days about Me" meme. For those of you who do not know what a "meme" is, head on over to Wikipedia for the definition. You'll be shocked to find out the proper way to pronounce the word.

I missed he first day, which was Favorite Song. I would've had a long list consisting of Beyonce tracks and other strong women. I'm a sucker for girl  power. Do you blame me?

Okay, so FAVORITE MOVIE. Get ready. Here it comes. It's such an original answer. Drumroll please...

I've spent several nights watching this movie. You know how a child needs that special book read to them at night in order to fall asleep? Well, this movie is my bedtime story. Each time I watch it (or it watches me, depending on how early I doze off), it's like the first time.

This is a timeless movie. One that can be shared for many generations. If you haven't seen it yet, excuse yourself from this blog. Wait! You can come back. I was only kidding. I was trying to say that you have to see this movie. You'll cry, laugh, and want to love harder.

A close second would have been, "Maid to Order". I have this movie on VHS. I'm surprise it still plays. This is the scene that made me a fan. The infamous singing of "I Can Still Shine", which I know all  the words to.

There you have it. My Favorite Movie(s). I'm sure there are more, but I'll spare the embarrassment on my part. Then again, this is 30 Days About Me. If you don't like my answer, come up with your own by joining in on the fun.

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