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Sunday, April 4, 2010

WANTED: Blog Makeover Guru

Update: I found a wonderful giveaway. The winner will receive a $100 blog makeover. Check out Aunt Bee's Garden for more information. Contest ends at 11:59 Pm 7/8. Hurry!

I need a change. No, not me, but my blog.

When I visit my blog, I always find flaws. This sort of mirrors how I feel about myself at times, except my blog does not have cellulite. If it did, I know I could easily remove it with the click of a button. Even better, the iphone has an app for that...just kidding.

I have seen several blogs go through transformations. Sometimes once, sometimes twice. Heck, some blogs have been changed every few months. I understand their frustration completely. There are days when I just stare at the computer screen and wonder, "Why the heck would anyone read this crappy blog!"

I realize a blog is about words, the content, the passion and the person behind it. No matter how many graphics or layouts I create (and I've done all the work on my blog since the beginning), if there is no substance to my posts, my blog will just be pretty. That is not all I want.

I recently sent out a tweet that I was looking for a blog makeover guru. I am looking for someone that can take my blog from drab to fab. I don't know if this includes going from blogspot to wordpress, but I am willing to try anything.

I want my blog to be original. Too often I visit blogs that have the same graphics appearing on twenty other blogs. I never understood that idea.

I have visited the sites of a few recommended gurus. I must say, they were all really great referrals. I just have to decide what I want. I need to be happy with my change.

I am looking for:
  • Originality - illustrations that reflect my style and personality
  • Simplicity - not too busy, clean lines
  • Efficiency - tools that will help my blog (yes...numbers!)
  • Affordability - not too expensive, within my budget
If you, or someone you have worked with before, can help me reach my goals, please leave a comment on this post. You can also send me an e-mail to keonte.smith at gmail dot com.

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