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Friday, June 19, 2009

Diane Birch Bible Belt Review and Giveaway

I like music. Not a particular genre. Not a particular artist. Just music. Whatever moves me, whatever make me look at the world a little more differently, I am inspired to listen. Diane Birch does IT for me.

Her debut album, Bible Belt, is a smash. Her mere twenty-some years of life on Earth are incomparable to the timelessness in her voice. She sounds as though she has been here before. Like she's lived a life of several decades filled with joy, heartache, and rebellion. Because of this mixture of emotion and compassion, I have several favorites on her album.


Fire Escape ~ This song receives the most rotation on my playlist. The lyrics and melodic humming undertones bring the heat. I feel Diane's pain as she tries to make sense of love's good-bye. The intensity of the vocals is just enough. The build-up is brilliant. The fire is definitely evident in this opening track.

Nothing But A Miracle ~ By the time you reach this #4 track, it's evident there is a running theme: heartache. Diane sings, "Nothing but a miracle is gonna bring you back, bring you back to me now". The situation is all so familiar. A girl in love with a boy who obviously is through. However, the girl can't let go even though she is intelligent enough to realize the end has arrived. The phases Diane goes through help aid in her acceptance of the situation. Unless you believe in miracles, nothing is going to bring love back.

Rise Up ~ I felt empowered. I wanted to pump my fist in the air. It was the much needed boost for a girl trying to find her place in the world. Chiming in on her religious upbringing, Diane challenges everyone to be true to what they feel. As she puts it, "Second chances don't come easy", so say what you mean the first time. As the song continues, so does the confidence. Diane sings just above a settling register. It's as if her voice is stuck between a yodel and a hum. It's the perfect blend. This is one song that finishes strong. The exit is beautifully mastered. A reprise so to speak. A march of some sorts. You definitely don't want to fast forward this track.

Magic View ~ It's exactly what is says...magical. The scene I envision is two lovers lying in the grass looking at the stars. Perfection. Simplicity. Love. Magic. This song belongs on the soundtrack for a great love story. It's the song that is the defining moment as you realize everything is just the way it should be. The soft touch of the piano in this song is perfect. The lyrics are spread over calming chords and wake you in all the right moments. Perfect way to end an album...wanting more, but completely satisfied at the same time.
Watch Diane Birch in the making of her album:

Overall, the CD is IT. The right balance of songs; 13 to be exact. The cohesiveness of themes; love, pain, heartache. The hints of religious inspirations. Diane does not need all the glitz, the over-production of the studio, the effects of complex lyrics. She is simply amazing as she is. Often compared to greats such as Carole King and Aretha Franklin, Diane has a lot to live-up to. Oddly enough, she may be all we need. She is simply IT!

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