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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

She's No April Fool - Happy Birthday Mom!

Picked #5 from Wedding Warrior, then #21 from The Verdict. Randomized the two numbers and #21 was first. CONGRATULATIONS to #21 LeNesha.

My Mom turned 46, BTW.
While most of you are pondering what pranks to pull on your co-workers, what jokes to tell your partner, or how to pull-off some other mischievous act, I'll be deciding on a perfect gift to give my Mother for her birthday.

My Mom and I when I was a HUGE infant (1980s)
I've never been one to celebrate April Fools day. It has nothing to do with being a party-pooper, it's just that my April Fools day occurs 365 days of the year. For those who do not know me well, I like the whole 'sike' aspect of life. I can make you believe nearly anything with this convincing sense of humor I have. I never get to the point where someone becomes physically hurt (maybe a bruised ego a few times), but I can make a joke last as long as I need it to.

Back to my Mother. -------------------->
She's going to kill me for putting this picture up, but believe me, I have more embarrassing pictures locked away in the archives. Please don't force me to bring them out (like the yard sale get-ups when we were color-coordinated to take pictures for the church directory...yeah, that one)!

I just wanted to take a moment (and I do mean moment because I am literally falling asleep at the keyboard) to share how lucky I am to have a Mom who has been there for everything. I want to stress the importance of how unconditional her love has been for me. I have not always been the perfect daughter some of you may think I appear to be (lmao), but I've been wise enough to know I have been perfect in my Mom's eyes.

Guess it's hard to tell looking at this face.
I'm not talking about the kind of perfect that warranted a pat on the back even for my wrong-doings. I'm talking perfect in the sense that my shortcomings were always given the best light in her eyes. My failures were always given second, third, maybe even fourth tries. Perfect in the sense that I was all she needed to get by. Perfect in the sense that my wings were never clipped and I was able to fly wherever I wanted to go. Thanks for letting me take flight.

As my Mom celebrates her birthday today, I would like to thank her for everything, but here's a list of a few of my fondest thank-you's for:
  • weekend trips to the mall
  • defining and demonstrating domestication
  • not applying to be a grandmother, but still taking the position
  • listening to age-appropriate music
  • maintaining a comparable clothing size so we could swap wardrobes
  • turning me on to every type of 'scent' mechanism on the market (Glade, Airwick, etc.)
  • footing the bill, and lots of them
  • no always taking my side, but standing close enough
  • taking on Lupus with a positive attitude
  • letting me spend summer's with my other family
  • laughing at my jokes
  • listening to my problems
  • bringing me soup when I was sick
  • returning my phone calls
  • not naming me Brianne
  • showing me how to love
This list is obviously a small compilation of all the greatness I have experienced in my life. But, you get the idea. A Mother's list of greatness is never-ending. I could toot my Mom's horn for hours (just to be fair I'll say years. sounds much longer than hours).

Mom, Me, and Ian at Clyde's 50th birthday party.
Happy Birthday to
My rock.
My friend.
My confidant.
My phone pal.
My giver of life.
My cheerleader.
My domestic diva.
My loan shark (lol).
My shopping buddy.
I love you with all my heart.

I know it's hard to believe I could do a giveaway for my Mom's birthday post. However, this one is simple and quick. All you need to do is:
  • Guess how old my Mom turns today.
  • You may guess up to 3 times. Each time, leave a separate comment.
For additional entries (separate comments for each):
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  • WHAT's YOUR FAVORITE MAGAZINE? (that can be easily purchased in a grocery or Mart store)
The Prizes (approx. $21) are all favorites of my Mom:
  • Glade Sense & Spray Automatic Spray ($9.99) - they're everywhere in her house
  • A Starbuck's GiftCard ($5) - She drinks the strawberry frappuccino
  • Magazine choice left in your comment. If you do not leave one, I will pick. (up to $6) - O
This is a quick giveaway. ENDS 3:00 am EST on 4/2/09. Please follow directions. I will check to make sure you have followed and subscribed if you choose to perform these tasks. Open to US residents only (sorry my international pals, maybe next time). Please leave an email if you are a non-blogger. If I cannot reach you, I will choose another winner. I will use to pick a winner. Only 48 hours to claim your prize(s).

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