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Monday, March 9, 2009

Funny SONny

Kaden is funny. Not deliberately, just accidentally. He says the most outrageous, original, and unthinkable things one could ever imagine. All at the age of 7. I must admit, he gets it from his parents. Even though I believe I am more funny than Ian, we both have a great sense of humor, which makes for fun during family time.

Check out my son (in the background) as he crashes a photo session of Me with my best friend/cousin, Tamara:

He is always 'standing-out' in his pictures. This is why I vow never to purchase studio portraits again. There's no telling what he may come-up with.

I have decided it would be fun to add a section to my sidebar dedicated to Kaden' funny phrases. He has enough to fill a book I'm sure, but I will list the ones I think are most entertaining (of course I will be the only one to think they are hilarious.)

When a child begins to form a personality it is amazing. Kaden is showing me a side of himself that did not exist a year ago. Maybe he's becoming a little man in front of my eyes. I'm just hoping he keeps me laughing, more than he makes me cry.

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